Riding Rules


In the club. we respect the basic riding rules known as riding in formation - one bike left and second right, maintaining of short spacing, regular ride (I would like to greet here all the tails, as they leave a greater distance, and then they are closing from time to time to "take a ride"). This is the total of death for all behind you, if they're just not sharing your racing mood, so guys in this case, either entirely at the end of the column or please contact Mrs. Koudelová from the Brno racing track on the number 534528735. For everyone else ....




We go sometimes slowly, then enjoy the landscape, we carry babes (trying not to show off ... at least some), we go quite quickly sometimes 140 km/h and faster (in the rain, 100-120 km/h under a slogan GETS WET - IT DRIES), we overtake where you can or even cannot (some of us believe that their destiny is as a book already written, so no point trying to change anything), at the crossroads we range ourselves entirely to front, we stop traffic at intersections (if we are more not to get ripped), we race (under testing, mostly highway FM-OVA, how fast it goes or whose tuning came off best), very often mountain premiums take place (in the mountains we ride what it goes - enjoying bends) etc.

Simply we behave like any normal biker, of course, with regard to the rule rather 5 minutes later than never but again to be the last is ...


Regarding the above one of the preconditions to be admitted to our club is to control a bike ride on a certain level which enables riding together (average speed of our trips, not counting the big events, there it goes more slowly, is 120 km/h). In any case, in our club, on our trips and events we welcome anyone who failed motorcycles as well as us, but it is to consider his capabilities because we want to joyride and we can not always wait for someone (we're an elite club of bikers from the Ostrava region and not a motoschool). The exception is a failure, or God forbid an accident (here race off only those with a not 100% content of blood in blood :o) .

On the other hand, we don´t want to scare anyone, we go mostly okay and it's always known the destination, so if someone drops out, he arrives at the next stop or straight to the target.




The trips usually leads the Club President or the Road Captain (RC), who is appointed for each ride separately by the President or a club majority, depending on who knows surroundings of the trip best.

The key rule is that everyone is obliged to obey the commands of the RC for given trip, if RC does not stop, nobody stops, everyone is watching buddies behind him (any problem is reported with honking, flashing). NOBODY may overtake the RC.

Fundamentally remains, when we piss, we piss all, when we take petrol, we take all even if you have "enough". A good rule remains the initial meeting at a gas station where everybody draws on in full, eventually he comes supplemented if he joins somewhere along the way.   


We wish you many happy miles and a reasonable level of adrenaline in your blood!