About Us


Harley-Davidson Club Ostrava, o.s. 

Member of FH-DCE 

ID: 27047407

Seat: Ostrava-Přívoz, Mariánskohorská 58, Postal Code 702 00, Czech Republic

Formation date: 21.11.2006


Bank: Komerční banka a.s., account number: 35-8390700227/0100 (CZK)


E-mail:     info@hdco.cz

Website:   www.hdco.cz


At present, the H-DCO Club has got 42 members.






President:  DUDYS         

Vice President:  BAYO   

Secretary:  FILA

Treasurer:  BURÁK   

Inter. rep.:  FLISŇA


Audit committee:

Chairman:  Small VLASTÍK

Member:  Big VLASTÍK

Member:  KOLCO


Members of the Club management:

Stock keeper:  DUDYS Jr.

Party org.:  SKALDA


Club History

The club was founded in 2006 as a motorcycle club (as a voluntary association of citizens - motorcycle drivers and passengers - so it is written in the list of civic associations). To organize events, tours and even meet with our friends and give it all some form, we have founded a club for people with the same mentality.


Entry into the FH-DCE

On November 13, 2010 the H-DCO Club was on the President Meeting in London admitted into membership of the FEDERATION OF HARLEY-DAVIDSON CLUBS EUROPE unanimously, established 1991 for the promotion and development of friendship between Harley-Davidson and Indian Clubs in Europe, with the authorization to use the title "Member of FH-DCE".